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the Atelier that Travels for You


Destination Tailoring

Sartoria Lo Mele innovates the traditional idea of tailoring.

We introduce a new and flexible sartorial philosophy, where tailoring is no longer grounded to one fixed location, rather it is a wandering business.

What does Destination Tailoring mean? Destination Tailoring means that You won’t have to come and find us, but we will come to You.

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About Me

Hi there!

Please, allow me to introduce myself.

I am an Italian Designer  who loves Fashion (obviously), Colors, any type of Fabrics (but I do have a thing for Lace) and Beauty, the one you could find in a smile. Also, I do love fairytales – Disney Princesses, hello!

So there you go, that’s what I do. I take a bit of everything I love, I mix it together and create beautiful Gowns. The cool part of it? The beautiful Gowns are meant for You.

I mentioned the fairytales right? Well, I know that we do not live in a world where fairytales happen every day. But, for at least once in our life we could get to have our fairytale Dress. Or the Dress of our Dreams. Call it as you like it. My aspiration and wish is to help You out in making this little piece of fairytale come true.

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