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Project Description

I have always believed Winter to be a very romantic season. Especially close to Christmas time, everything becomes more magical. The decorative lights, the smell of orange and cinnamon and the warmth of thick wool blankets, make this season one of my most favorite period of the year.

With this collection I wanted to pay a tribute to the charming romantic flair of Winter.

For the Bride, I picked soft and warm Fabrics, in a light cream tone.  A small fur cape and a fluffy muff complete the style, adding a royal touch to the overall look.

For the Bridesmaids I picked stronger colors shades, such as red, black and gold. They play a nice counterbalance to the delicate and soft aura of the Bride, letting her candor shine up even more. They also fit perfectly in the mood of a Christmas themed wedding, getting the right mix of tradition and glamour.

This winter Bridal gown was created with the purpose to make the Bride both beautiful and warm. I put particular attention in selecting just the right type of fabric that would protect the fair Bride from the unwanted chills.

For the skirt I picked an incredible wool-lace, just so pleasant at the touch. The transparent organza in the upper part of the dress, instead, lightens up the gown's overall appearance. And as a last touch, a fine string of pearls embellishes the neck and backline of the dress.

What I particularly love of this Bridesdress is the matching set of fur cape and muff. It is warm and yet extremely chic. I couldn't resist but to get this Bride also a bit of Czarina look.

Velvet and brocade are the fabrics chosen for this Bridesmaid dress, perfect combination for a winter gown.

For the velvet I needed to pick a deep red tone, that together with this precious black/gold patterned brocade, evoked the mood of a Russian fairytail. Doesn't it look like she just came out of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker?

I am particularly fond of the flower details on the sleeves. They have been cut out the brocade fabric and hand-sewn on the velvet. A small thing that made this dress unique.

Elegant as black, precious as gold.

This is a timeless color combination, a sure win for a classy outcome. That is why I wanted to dare a bit more with the line of the dress. I decided for a design that would step out of the usual, and tried out something unexpected.

Here we have a classic golden sheath dress, embraced by an open black gown. It is a two-in-one dress,and it almost seems that the Bridesmaid could just quickly change her look by removing the top black dress. The playful and original dress' line counterweights the solemnity of the colors, for a very elegant balance.