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About Me

Hi there!

Please, allow me to introduce myself.

I am an Italian Designer who loves Fashion (obviously), Colors, any type of Fabrics (but I do have a thing for Lace) and Beauty, the one you could find in a smile. Also, I do love fairytales – Disney Princesses, hello!

So there you go, that’s what I do. I take a bit of everything I love, I mix it together and create beautiful Gowns. The cool part of it? The beautiful Gowns are meant for You.

I mentioned the fairytales right? Well, I know that we do not live in a world where fairytales happen every day. But, for at least once in our life we could get to have our fairytale Dress. Or the Dress of our Dreams. Call it as you like it. My aspiration and wish is to help You out in making this little piece of fairytale come true.

How do we do that? You tell me your ideas and what you wished for, what you like and don’t like. The inspiration can come from anything: your wedding theme, your favorite color or fashion style. It doesn’t matter, you name it and I work with it. I will present you my sketches, I will select the fabrics and I will make the Dress happen.

Every single detail will be about You. Because your fairytale Dress can be Yours and Yours only.

Love for the Details

It is the smallest things that make a Dress unforgettable.

That is why in Sartoria Lo Mele we make sure to select the finest Fabrics and material we work with. Italy is the main base for our fabric scouting, being sure to pick just the best of the Italian quality.

For the finest and most exclusive details, we are honored to count on the collaboration of Italian local Artisans, who can make Your Dress even more unique. The Gown can be enriched with exquisite handcrafted embrodery, provided by the extraordinary talent of Palestrina’s Embrodery artists.

Or to further customize Your Dress, you can choose to have a Knitted fabric instead of a traditional fabric. The Master of Knitting Margherita can create beautiful texture that would make your Gown of exceptional value.

We work with love and attention, and we take care of your Dress till the very last Stitch.

Delicate flowers to adorne the shoulders

The lace has been manually cut and sawn of the tulle, following the pattern of the flowers

Thick wool lace for a soft and warm touch

Red, black and gold are the perfect combination for a Christmas Gown

Tiny bottons is the ideal solution for a chic finishing touch of the dress

The hand stitched flowers on the sleeves replicate the same pattern of the skirt