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Project Description

Spring is the season of the „just right“. You have just the right amount of Sun, just the right amount of fresh air, it’s not too hot but not too chill either. You can start to enjoy a nice walk out without melting under the Summer heat. And yet an ice-cream is not completely inappropriate (but honestly, is it ever?).

And that it why Spring is THE Wedding season. Therefore any design and any fabric is allowed, both bride and bridesmaid can wear almost whatever they like without fearing to be too light or heavy dressed.

For this collection I present you two designs. To honour the season I used the rosé color as a leading thread, sprinkling everything with a generous amount of sequins. This is the season when the Bride MUST shine out!

As usual, I wanted to  keep the design of these dresses simple, but this time I played with the element of surprise to elevate this collection.

This is a dress for the brides who love life-hacks.

To get through the Wedding day with a fluffy and voluminous dress, it is usually one of the main bride's concern. Sometimes a bride decides to get a second gown, an outfit that is more fitting for the after-ceremony and the dancing. However, that is not a solution for every budget, so why not make the best out of The Dress.

And this is what I am proposing in this collection: a 2 in 1 wedding gown.

The big and long skirt evokes the perfect princess look, ideal for the ceremony and the majestic entrance that a Bride wants to have when walking down the aisle.  I picked for the skirt a blessing called silk Mikado, exactly the fabric you need for a design with structure. The hem is ornated by lace, stitched with small pearls and sequins. With this skirt the bride looks nothing but romantic and royal, ready to charm on the dancefloor for the first dance.

And when the Bride had enough of the princess look, she just has to pull a button and switch to the more sensual version of herself.

This wedding dress has a fit design, showing a hint of mermaid at the bottom part. The rosé color is brightened by a cascade of sequins and pailettes, so that the Bride can shine out through the party. The illusion neckline slightly cover the very deep sweetheart, so the Bride can be sexy but not vulgar.

In this collection the Bridesmaid doesn't wear a dress, but a sophisticated trousers outfit.

The high-waist trousers are made by an overlaying of black lace on pink satin. The wide and very long legs create the illusion of wearing a skirt.

I am particularly obsessed with this top. It was hand woven by mixing rosè silk and lurex, The result is this very simple, and yet rich and sensual top, that brings this bridesmaid's outfit on a next level of chic.