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Project Description

I love the mood of Autumn. It has this slight melanchonic flair, and yet it is such an intense season, where colors gets so deep in this time of the year. That is why we decided to let nature and its beauty to be the background of our collection. All the shades of warm colors, from yellow to deep red are the frame to our new designs.

The dresses, especially the bridesmaids‘, were created with the intent of replicating nature’s playfullness with colors. The natural theme is also repeated in the fabrics‘ patterns, with birds‘ motif.

In this collection I also introduced a new element, that is the use of hand-knitted textile. The top of all three gowns has been created with the fabrics made by Margherita – our knitting master – who so skillfully designed the patterns, and then wove the fabrics by hand.  For this very high level of customization, this collection has for me a great deal of worth.

For this Bridal Gown I wanted to keep a very simple line, on the one hand, and to play with the fabrics, on the other.

It is definitely a sexier design, with a deep sweeheart neckline and a split on the skirt for each leg. That is a dress of those Brides who don't mind a bit sensuality in their look.

The highlight of this dress is the top part. The fabric has been hand-woven, by knitting eight different threads, mixing silk, cotton and lurex. The beautiful pattern was created specifically for this dress, to make it one of its kind.

The long and flowing skirt has three layers of satin, chiffon and lace. The latter is embellished with small sequins on its whole surface, giving the skirt a glamorous shine. A long train complete the dress' figure with a romantic touch.

That is my Peacock gown and I am absolutely in love with the pattern of the skirt, just charming.

This is the first of the two bridesmaid dresses of this collection, for which I wanted to give a more daring look for the colors combination and overall design.

The high-waisted skirt has an asymmetrical cut that together with the many layers of colorful tulle, make this a fun and playful piece to wear - show those legs girl!!

The top is an off the shoulder blouse, made with the most wonderful hand-knitted fabric. As for all the dresses in these collection, the fabric and its pattern has been designed and realized by the master of knitting Margherita. The bumpy pattern creates a three-dimensional effect, giving more depth to the whole piece.

The second Bridesmaid dress is complementary to the first one for its darker colors and a straighter line.

The hand-woven textile of the top part has a very simple pattern, that collects together the whole compilation of colors used for this dress. Along with the modern cut and clean design of the top, we have a very fine and sober look

Yet the skirt surprises us with its many layers and the many shades of colors, that goes from light green to dark blue. The final detail is the tulle stripes decorated with pelicans with spread out wings, giving this gown the ultimate touch of originality and unpredictability.