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Project Description

Summer is the season of carefreeness, joy and laughters.

Many of us dream of that moment of the year when you can just lie back and enjoy the sun kissing your skin. If I think about Summer I just have this feeling of lightness filling up my mind, and it is always such a positive sensation to cling on to in the rainiest of the days.

Lightness was indeed the main inspiration for this Collection. Light Colors, light Fabrics and light Spirit were the ingredients needed for the Dresses. The Bride wears a gorgeous dream of lace and tulle, that together with the Bridemaids‘ colofurl gowns, make just the right recipe of a perfect Summer Wedding.

For this Bridal gown I wanted to keep up to the lightness that I so much like in summer, and I thought that a cloud of tulle would just do.

With over 10 meters of fabric, I gave this dress' skirt 17 layers of tulle. The top part of the dress was embellished by a beautiful floral patterned lace, that delicately overlapped on the skirt.

Also the line of the dress pointed to keep a very light design. The asymmetrical skirt leave the legs uncovered and free to move, while the back and the decollete are gracefully framed by the small flowers of the lace.
These have been manually cut and sewn together to create the open shape in the back and in the front of the dress. The same flowers are also decorating the skirt, as well hand sewn on the last layer of the tulle skirt. An operation that required a lot of patience and precision, but that gave a stunning result.

This two-piece Bridesmaid gown is ideal for anybody who loves versatility.

Both crop top and skirt can be so easily worn with any other type of outfit, that solves the drama for those who are scared of elegant gowns because "don't know when to wear them again".

The crop top is made of lace rebrode and light-pink silk. The back uses the transparecy of the lace, to add a bit of sexy to the look. For the skirt I used the same light-pink silk and a dark turquoise chiffon: Their union is a dream of smoothness and lightness, it feels almost as having liquid water running through your fingers.

This Bridesmaid dress is a dreamy one.

For this very romantic and fairytail gown, I used once again turquoise and pink as main colors. The theme of lightness is represented by the butterflies, that so gently rest on the skirt and suddenly fly up on the upper part of the dress.

This is a "fake" two-piece Gown, where it seems that the top and the skirt are separated pieces, but they are actually linked together by a trail of butterfly. For this decorative effect I manually cut and stiched the single butterflyes through all the top of the gown.

The fabrics used for this piece are taffeta and a laser cut lace with tridimensional butterflies, which made everything about this dress more magical.